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In September 2014, at the age of 26, our son, Rory Date Chong, received a devastating diagnosis: stage 4 terminal brain cancer. It all began with a tingling sensation in his arm, and in an instant, all of our lives took an unexpected turn. Despite our son being fit, healthy, and in the prime of his life, he suddenly faced a battle that would change all of our lives profoundly.

Rory was born in South Africa on March 7th, 1988. When he was 12 years old we moved to the US. Throughout his life, he was a dedicated and meticulous student, embracing his passions for Latin American dancing, soccer, and music, particularly the melodies of Frank Sinatra. Rory’s journey led him to New York City, where he graduated from Pace University in 2011 and fulfilled his dream of establishing a successful real estate firm in the West Village, employing over 65 agents, while also founding a commodity firm focused on gas, oil, and precious metals.

Rory embodied loyalty, generosity, empathy, respect, and deep spirituality, living by the mantra, ‘Life is just a Dream, don’t take it too seriously.

The diagnosis of glioblastoma (GBM) transformed Rory’s life, and the lives of those around him, leading him through a maze of medical treatments, biopsies, chemotherapy, immuno-therapies, and surgeries. Throughout the challenges, Rory remained positive, resilient, and courageous. He never lost his sense of humor or his determination to live life to the fullest, working tirelessly even as his physical strength waned.

On November 20th, 2017, after over three years of battling this aggressive disease, Rory passed away. Our caring, giving and jovial son who was the light of our life and whose magnetism, energy and kindness were loved and cherished by all who knew him, was no longer with us. His magnetic energy, kindness, and vibrant spirit left an indelible mark on everyone who knew him.

In Rory’s memory, we have dedicated ourselves to continuing his legacy of caring, love, and generosity. We commit our resources, time, and expertise to support those affected by GBM, helping families like ours understand the illness, providing resources, building a community for patients and their loved ones, and advancing research to find a cure for this dreaded disease.

We invite you to join us in this journey of love and support.  Sign up at for news updates or donate to our cause. Together, we can honor Rory’s spirit and work towards a world without GBM.


Poonam (Pam) Date Chong.